Great Western Reading, Books on Cooking, History, Biographies, etc.

The Winchester Lever Legacy
664 pages of all you want to know about Winchester lever guns and more.
Item No. BK2088
$50.00 ea.
Getting a Stand
204 pages of true accounts of Buffalo hunts.
By Miles Gilbert
Item No. BK2054
$14.00 ea.
1863 Confederate Cook Book
Recipes of old and great ideas.
Item No. BK2021
$4.95 ea.
The Buffalo Harvest
Pictures and accounts of Buffalo Hunts.
Item No. BK2069
$10.00 ea.
In Search of the Buffalo
The story of J. Wright Mooar killer of the White Buffalo 144 pages.
Item No. BK2084
$15.00 ea.
American Military Belts and Related Equipments
By R. Stephen Dorsey
Great photos and descriptions
Item No. BK2066
$14.00 ea.
Trailriders Guide to Cowboy Action Shooting.
Everything you wanted to know about guns, gear, leather and shootin.
By James W. Barnard
Item No. BK2091
$27.00 ea.
Remington Rolling Block Firearms
By Konrad F. Schreier. Jr.
Item No. BK2049
$10.00 ea.
Packing Iron-Gunleather of the Frontier West
The best book of old cowboy leather (loads of pictures).
By Richard C. Rattenbury
$45.00 ea.
The West an Illustrated History
445 pages of real western history and pictures a must have.
By Geoffrey C. Ward
With a preface by Stephen Ives and Ken Burns
$45.00 ea.
Colts an American Legend
405 pages of Pure Colt excellence.
By R.L. Wilson
$40.00 ea.