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Model 1894 ~ Pre and Post 1964 Actions

Expertly converted to Cowboy Calibers, with 26 or 20 inch Octagon, and 24 or 20 inch round barrels - your receiver or ours.  Each rifle made for you, one at a time.   New barrel, action job, test fired and guaranteed to work every time... the way it should. Calibers: 45 colt, 44/40, 44 mag., 38/55, 28/40, 357 mag., 32/40, 30/30, 32 win-spl.  Finishes Available: Case color, nickel, blued, silver or gold.  We also offer an engraved version called "The Tamer of the Wild West" with a Stagecoach, Cowboys, Indians, Mountains Buffaloes, Grizzly Bears and Scroll Work.

We also carry walnut stocks, crescent butt plates, saddle rings, big loops and other Winchester parts.   Just drop us a line, and we will make your own special rifle the way you want.  We also have 1897 Winchester pump shot guns and double barrel shot guns.  We also offer custom action jobs on all makes and models of pistols, rifles and shot guns.
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38-357 38-55 32-40 30 X 30 38-40 WCF
44-40 WCF 44 Magnum 45 Colt 20" Octagon 26" Octagon


<Basic Price:

$875.00 our Action - $700.00 yours for Post 64'-94's
$1100.00 our Action - $700.00 yours for Pre 64'-94's (rifle caliber's only)


Options Price
Case Color $200.00
Engraved $350.00
Nickel, Gold, Silver, Plated $200.00
Rear Tang Sights (Lyman #2) $100.00
Adjust Tang for Widage & Elevation $200.00
Front Sprit Level Adjustable Widage $150.00
Rear Carbine Flip-up Ladder Sight $80.00
Deluxe Checked Post 64' Buttstock $200.00
Big Loop Lever $55.00
Custom Name Engraved on Barrel $30.00

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Custom Laser Engraved Wood Available Shipping Charges to be added
Prices subject to change at any time Any additional custom features extra
Pewter for end caps & butt plates available