Home of the Mare's Leg™ Lever Action Pistol

Home of the Mare's Leg™ Lever Action Pistol

As seen in "Wanted - Dead Or Alive," "Firefly," and "The Adventures Of Briscoe County Jr."

The New Mare's Leg™ Pistol | Mare's Leg™ Holsters

The original Mare's Leg™ used by Steve McQueen as Josh Randall, with the 45-70 (!) ammunition he carried in the gunbelt

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Remember the Marx Toy Company? Did you own one of these as a kid?

The original Mare's Leg™ ("Mare's Laig") as seen in the TV show is not legal to own without paying a $200 Federal registration fee, as it is a "short-barelled rifle" under Federal firearms laws of the USA. Our PISTOL is not, and has never been, a rifle. It has been built from the beginning as a pistol and falls under normal handgun rules.

Please check the laws of your jurisdiction on handgun ownership before inquiring. We will not knowingly violate Federal or State laws, and any attempt to do so will be reported to the appropriate agencies.

The NEW Mare's Leg pistol



  • Overall Length of 24-in
  • Barrel Length 12-in
  • Magazine Capacity 6
  • Left Side Saddle Ring
  • Big Loop Finger Lever
  • Walnut Grip and Stock
  • Metal Butt Plate
  • Blued Finish Standard
  • Dovetailed front sight with brass bead
  • Adj. Rear Sight
  • Caliber 45 Colt, 44-40, 44 Magnum


SPECIAL FOR THE INTERNET Base Price: $1,295.00 + Shipping to your FFL

The NEW Mare's Leg pistol


In the 1950s and 1960s, the heyday of the TV Western, the star of almost every show had a gimmick, whether it was their warddrobe, as with Paladin's all black ensemble and distinctive holster, an unusual hat, or a fancy gun. For Steve McQueen's characcter, bounty hunter Josh Randall on Wanted Dead or Alive, the writers and producer John Robinson decided upon something truly diffferent, a sawed-off Winchester Model 1892 rifle with a big ring lever, similar to John Wayne's famed Winchester repeater first seen in the movie Stagecoach.

Chambered in .44-40, the model 1892 used for the show was an original working gun, and the cost of the Winchester and its modifications set the studio back a tidy $1100 in 1958. The idea of shortening the barrel on a Winchester carbine wasn't new; many had been sawn off in the Old West and later in the gangland days of the 1920s. The McQueen Winchester was classsified as a handgun in 1958, not a rifle, and the same applies to the J,B. Custom reproduction.

The first models sold by Jim Buchanan of J.B. Custom in Fort Wayne, Indiana were built in South America by Rossi, but the latest models, which were introduced at the 2008 SHOT Show, are handcrafted in Italy by ArmiSport and feature either round or octagonal barrels, and blued or brilliant color caseehardened frames and actions. The newest addition to the Mare's Laig line is a Model 92 takedown. A short barrel, pistol-stocked Winchester rifle that could be taken apart and packed in a saddlebag.

Home of the Mare's Leg™ Lever Action Pistol

The J.B. Custom Takedown Mare's Laig tested has the more stylish octagonal barrel and handsome color casehardened frame. Chambered in .45 Colt, it carries six rounds. The barrel length of the J.B. Custom Model 1892 is about 1.5 inches longer than the Winchesters used in Wanted Dead or Alive. Buchanan says he made that decision so the shortened magazine capacity would be six rounds, the same as a revolver. He also manufactures the entire Mare's Laig skeleton holster rig, which sells for $259.95 as well as a less costly holster-only version that fits a regular cartridge belt and costs $139.95.

Reproductions of traditional Winchester rifles and shotguns are increasing with the demands of Cowboy Action Shooters and collectors. The ArmiSport version is well made, well balanced, and the new Takedown version goes where no Mare's Laig has gone before - into a convenient saddlebag.

The new Mare's Laig built by ArmiSport was near flawless. With a crisp trigger pull of 6 pounds even, the hammer drops with authority and .45 Colt rounds leave the 12-inch barrel smoking at 750 fps, which far exceeds the factory's 565 fps specs for revolvers and 704 fps velocity for long guns.

The Laig's 12-inch barrel has a 1-in-16-inch right-hand twist, six lands and grooves and groove diameter of .450, which really takes hold of a .452 cast lead bullet. The Ten-X 165-grain, round nose flat points grouped almost on top of each other at 25 feet measuring just 0.75 of an inch center to-center with overlapping. At 50 feet the spread opened up to 1.5 inches.

The lever action is smoother than the earlier models and works a little faster (we had both to compare) and as for fit and finish, the ArmiSport's deep color case-hardened frame and action lever are a thing of beauty. The Takedown model is also one heck of a conversation piece .

SPECIAL FOR THE INTERNET Base Price: $1,695.00 + Shipping to your FFL

Final Thoughts

The Mare's Laig is a unique sidearm in either solid frame or Takedown version. A piece of TV modern Western history, it is one of, if not the most interesting guns we ha ve ever tested.

J.B. Custom
16335 Lima Rd, Bldg #5, Dept CAS
Huntertown, IN 46748

Ain't they a daisy!

Ain't they a daisy!