For proper fit belts need to be ordered four inches larger than pants waist size.
Example - 36 pants waist take a 40 inch gun belt.




Standard Cartridge Belt
A heavy weight, single ply belt 2-1/2" wide, Solid Brass clip-corner buckle, 24 loops, available in every "Rimmed" cartridge. Built Tough.....To Last!

The "Duke" belt
Made for the "Duke" holster. Belt is a NATURAL LEATHER color, please specify color of tongue, loop and billet.
Belt $80.00
Holster and Belt Special $150.00
Out in Arizona, a lot of folks were looking for a gun belt that would be a little lighter and easier to wear in 115 degree heat, so we designed the Desert Belts with that in mind. It's light, but tough as nails! And mighty attractive too! Holster pictured is Cimmaron. 38/357 or 44/45 Colt
Canvas Shotgun Belt
Holds between 24 and 40 loops, depending on waist size and gauge.
45/70 Canvas Rifle Belt
This leather and canvas rifle belt is patterned after the 1879 Prairie Belt. Rugged in construction, but handsome in appearance! Although named the 45/70 it is available in any "rimmed" rifle caliber.
45/70 Leather Rifle Belt
This leather rifle belt is made for the 45/70, it is available in any rimmed rifle caliber. Holds 25 Cartridges